Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Their Memory Lives on through a Child's Table

In this photo are George and Helen Walls, friends of my mother back in 1948-9. They are visiting the home we lived in at 2201 Jefferson in Great Bend, Kansas. Before my birth my mother was employed at Thies Packing Company in Great Bend, where my father was also employed. Both were bookkeepers at the time. I believe my mother met Helen Ball while working there. Helen later married George Walls, also an employee at the plant. 

One of the most cherished possessions I still own from my childhood is a small table with two chairs. This table was a gift to me and my twin brother from Helen Ball, when we were toddlers, in that time period of 1948-1949.  I have this photo of using it at a birthday party in 1955. Pictured at left is my cousin Cora Sova and at right is our little neighbor, Pam Olson. 
You can see that I was still using this table for my own grandchildren in 1999. Pictured below are Brenna and Raichael Newman and Taylor Haining.  
On a recent trip back to my hometown of Great Bend, KS my husband and I had occasion to make a quick trip through St. John, KS. We each have relatives buried in Fairview Park Cemetery there so we stopped to photograph a few headstones. I was surprised to walk past the grave and headstone of George and Helen Walls. I honestly had no idea they were buried there. I felt grateful to have been in this place at this particular time to make this discovery. Helen would be surprised to know we are still using and enjoying the little table she gave us more than 60 years ago. 

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Karen said...

What a special little table, and how nice that you still have it after all these years!