Saturday, July 29, 2017

Finding another Cousin Connection through Family History Friends

Throughout the many years that we’ve attended the RootsTech genealogy conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, we’ve become acquainted with good friends Bobbie Rogers and Debbie Allen (pictured below). We renew our friendship as we save seats and sit together at the morning Keynote addresses. Debbie and Bobbi live in Arizona and of course we live in Colorado. We’d have never met if we hadn’t happened to start a conversation with them while waiting for the conference to start.
2015-02-12 10.07.37
A few days ago Debbie posted this photo on facebook which identified her friend from School Days, Robyn Nielsen Behunin.
Debbie Allen and Robyn Nielsen Behunin
As a Genealogist, I tend to notice NAMES and recognized the Behunin name as that of one my 2nd cousins. So I posted a facebook comment asking Debbie if she knew if Robyn Behunin might be in some way connected to my cousin Lynne Behunin. Robyn replied that her husband Ray’s first cousin was Paul Behunin. I knew that Paul was the (deceased) husband of my cousin Lynne.  Yes, go ahead and say it. “It’s a small world”. I developed this chart that show all these connections. And you’ll notice that Debbie Allen is also a distant cousin of my husband, Larry Jamison. Many people would react with a “So What?” But I love discovering connections like this. They’re meaningful to me!
Larry Jamison to Debbie Allen to Becky Margheim to Lynn Behunin


Debbie Allen said...

This is hugh. I love the research you have done. Thanks cousin. Who would have known we were related.

Debbie Allen said...

This is huge . I LOVE ❤️ finding out I am related to some great people.